RUNA - Your personal shopper and delivery assistant for EVERYTHING in the one app

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The days of spending twenty minutes getting the kids into the car just to duck to the shops for milk are long gone thanks to RUNA.

The days of spending twenty minutes getting the kids into the car just to duck to the shops for milk are long gone thanks to RUNA.

Runa is the app you never knew existed but have always wanted. 

The RUNA app is available for download on both iPhone and Android, and currently allows all Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches residents to order ANYTHING, literally anything from up to 3 different locations and have it delivered right to your front door on demand and in real-time. 

Think about it, you've finally got the kids to sleep but you've forgotten to pick up the extra tomatoes for dinner - use a RUNA.  Need a coffee and a paper on Sunday morning? Want your lunch delivered and your dry cleaning collected? Need to buy the kids Christmas presents but LITERALLY don't have a moment without them to make it a surprise - use a RUNA. You've got your newborn asleep in your arms but desperately need more nappies- use a RUNA.

Once you receive your goods, you simply pay through the app without any markup on the food and products. You're only charged for the products purchased, as well as a service/delivery fee. Of course if you've found yourself a good RUNA, you can offer cash tips and they'll no doubt make every RUNA experience a seamless one.

Suddenly all those little things are deliverable! It’s basically like having your own personal assistant - and that’s exactly how Runa wants you to look at it.

  • Morning coffee

  • Take away food

  • Wine

  • Grocery store items

  • Package pick up

  • Emergency Maccas at 2am

  • Anything, from Anywhere, at Anytime

Just jump on the app, tell them what and where from and it will be picked up, purchased and delivered to you in real time. You can watch your RUNA’s movements on the map, chat with them directly if you forgot some last second items and watch the sequence of purchases happen as it happens in real-time. 

Download it HERE on the App store or HERE for Android. 

For more information, visit the website.

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Mikey M

Sep 25 2017

What an app, what a team, what an idea!