Take An Amazing Adventure Through A Digestive System Pop-up Playground

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We’ve long been exposed to the ins-and-outs of the human body from the outside in, from classic books like Where Did I Come From? to the brilliant BBC series The Human Body, which illustrate our inner workings in glorious two-dimensional detail. Now you can witness the intimate mechanics of our human temple from the inside out via a comprehensive 3D installation of the digestive system.

Amazing Digestive Adventure

The 'Amazing Digestive Adventure' -  a quirky human digestive system pop-up playground in Hong Kong - puts you in the hot seat for an immersive, tactile journey through how food is processed through the body. Explore seven different areas with oversized replicas of the various functional zones of the digestive system, from the moment food enters your mouth until it is finally expelled through your rear end!

Amazing Digestive Adventure Hong Kong

This larger-than-life installation takes you from the giant jaws entry point through the stomach - a ball pit filled with burgers, sushi and waffles - through a small intestine obstacle-course and a maze-like large intestine, then a slippery-dip poo chute that deposits you into a toilet-bowl ball pit, complete with giant toilet-paper roll, via an oversized, ahem, bum! It’s a hands-on educational journey where you'll get the inside scoop on what actually happens when you eat. 

Amazing Digestive Adventure Hong Kong

The 'Amazing Digestive Adventure' human digestive system pop-up playground is on until  29th February 2020 so if you happen to be in Honkers, book your tickets for a unique inside experience!

Images via localiiz.com

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