Kids Who Nap During The Day Are Smarter

The secret to a smarter kid? Naptime.

A new study has revealed that kids who nap are smarter and happier. We can’t say we’re particularly surprised since we all know what it’s like to deal with a clumsy, aggravated toddler running on no afternoon sleepy time. We were surprised, however, to discover that the study is based on older kids aged 9-12 who tested as 7.6% more academically sharper after napping 3 to 4 times per week.

The study, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California, tested 3,000 students in the 9-12 age bracket over the course of several years, and concluded that regular midday naps a few times a week can lead to a happier mentality, greater self-control and higher IQ. Now this is a trend we can certainly get behind.

So How Do We Encourage Naptime?

When your child is at school for an average 30 hours per week (not including any after-school sports/activities), there isn’t much of a window for midday napping. Might it be possible to take a leaf out of Spain’s book of the famous afternoon siesta, or take a cue from China where kids (and parents!) take regular daytime naps. While the likelihood of this happening in Australia is low, parents can encourage their kids to get some extra weekly zs on weekends – all it takes is 30 minutes of shuteye to reap the mental benefits.

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