Get Your School-Age Children Involved In Volunteering With Kids Giving Back

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With a mission of creating the next generation of generosity, Kids Giving Back offers a diverse range of community experiences—connecting children to meaningful volunteering opportunities. The organisation is Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation for student volunteering, assisting over 120 charities and supporting causes such as homelessness and poverty, intergenerational understanding, the plight of refugees and disadvantaged communities.

Kids Giving Back make it easy for schools, community groups and corporates to engage with a vast range of charities through their end-to-end programs embracing civic engagement for young people of all ages, from the very young through to tweens and teens.

In addition to building resilience, empathy and confidence, volunteering works to engage young people in teamwork as they become part of something bigger than themselves. All of these experiences help to build the young person’s inner strengths and capabilities—developing skills, confidence, and a greater understanding of the world.

According to Co-founder and Director of Kids Giving Back, Ruth Tofler Riesel, “through volunteering, young people learn to think about WE and not just ME; they interact with other communities beyond those in their immediate ‘bubble’ and in doing so they move beyond their comfort zone. Volunteering also brings about an understanding of the young person’s ability to make a difference, to both others as well as themselves.”

Think it sounds like an experience your child could benefit from? Kids Giving Back are offering a range of school holiday programs that will engage your child with initiatives in the local community. From Friday 18th January to Thursday 24th January, there are programs for sewing to support women’s shelters, interacting with elderly people, making toys for abandoned animals, cooking meals for the homeless and much more, so check out their website for more details and to see how to get involved!

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