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What Is The Unplug and Play Initiative?

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On the afternoon of Earth Hour (March 30, 2019) ellaslist launched Unplug & Play, a brand new initiative which aims to inspire families to create a little more unplugged time in our busy 24/7 digitally connected lives.

We’re not asking you to throw away your phones – some of us depend on them for work (and most of us need them for our own sanity) - what we’re challenging you do is to free yourselves from emails, pings and notifications for just a few hours each week and simply play with your kids. You'll be giving your kids what they love most - your uninterrupted time.

We know, you’re time poor, we get it. The time famine is real! We’re all working harder than ever, juggling multiple responsibilities and like the on-point Dr Seuss says, “How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before its afternoon. December is here before its June.”

The Unplug & Play Challenge

Let’s try and think of screen time the way we think of food - everything in moderation. Creating a healthy balance is key. Try a screen-free Sunday, hop in the car and explore a new location, or dust off an old board game one night a week and start a new family tradition. Give your kids the ultimate present – your time.

Join us - by taking the challenge. It can be as simple as one hour a week. You’ll find fresh ideas each week at ellaslist.com.au/unplugandplay including a range of fun things to do with kids of all ages.