Open House Melbourne

  • Sat Jul 27 - Sun Jul 28 2019
  • $0.00

One of Melbourne's most popular cultural events, Open House sees more than 200 historical buildings open their usually-locked doors to the public so they can see what lies behind. Rooms usually shut off in such stalwarts as the Arts Centre, Brunswick Town Hall, Como House and Garden, and Luna Park are finally discoverable for only two days each year.

As part of a wider program of exploring the complexity of Melbourne, the weekend is just one of a series of talks, events and tours.

Peek inside significant commercial and civic buildings, private homes, infrastructure and landscape projects, demonstrating some of Melbourne's most progressive historical, contemporary and future-facing ideas in architecture and city-making.

The full list of buildings open is here, and some require bookings.

What you need to know:

When: July 27 + 28

Where: Various locations around Melbourne

Cost: Free

For more information:


Image credit: Open House Melbourne Facebook